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Specialty Programs & Events

These programs and events are either run as short duration seminars, or individual day events, along with information on private lessons or programs we can offer upon request. You may register online, or give us a call to schedule.

Birthday Parties

For ages 4 and above, we can host a unique martial arts birthday party for your children! Including group games, martial arts practice, board breaking, and time for cake, snacks, or any other planned activities families might desire.​ Let us handle the cleanup, and enjoy a fun, safe, exciting birthday party!


Private Lessons

Our studio offers private lessons if desired. Students who are uncomfortable in a classroom setting, want that extra push to help prepare them for competition or a black belt exam, or simply want to work on self defense or other aspects of their martial arts training. Schedule private lessons with one of our nationally ranked instructors.


Self Defense Seminars

Our self defense seminars are run a few times a year, and focus on raw self defense methods. Incorporating simple martial arts methods, common sense, easy to replicate techniques​, and an awareness mindset; our self defense seminars are no nonsense, teaching brutally efficient and effective techniques to keep yourself protected. HWMA can also send an instructor to you or your business to run a personal seminar. Just give us a call!


Weapon Seminars

An augmentation to our traditional martial arts curriculum, we offer seminars on traditional martial arts weapons and techniques. These seminars are open to student and non-student alike. We offer seminars rotational throughout the year, focusing on: Katana, Nunchaku, Staff, Eskrima​, Chinese Broadsword, & More.


Open Sparring Practice

HWMA hosts events that open our studio to all students, no matter their ability, skill, style, ect. to allow them train with others, helping to broaden the martial arts community as well as experience interacting with different martial arts styles and philosophies. ​This is often run in partnership with other studios and organizations, such as the Sparring Club of Maryland.

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