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Taekwondo is a Korean martial art meaning "foot, hand, way" or more artistically, "the art of the foot and fist". It utilizes powerful kicks and precision footwork along with quick and effective hand strikes to develops a strong and balanced skill set. It has been recognized as an Olympic Sport, and is studied by people all over the world.

Our program has been voted the best in are for three years in a row, and combines the sport aspect of martial arts with a solid focus on self defense, self discipline, and self improvement, while allowing you to train with other adults and families. Taught by former US Olympic Team members as well as national champions, expect a fun and challenging atmosphere where you work hard, learn, and get a great workout.

At the higher levels, our program starts to introduce the foundations of complimentary styles, (judo, jujitsu, boxing, & kung fu). So that by the time a student reaches black belt,  they have a well rounded skill set that can serve them well in any situation on and off the mats. 

Classes are divided by both age, and rank, so that students may train on their personal focuses and goals.

Children's Classes are for ages 6 to 12, All Ages Classes are for ages 6 and above, Adult Class are for ages 16 and above. 

Beginner classes are for ranks No Belt through Yellow with Stripe, Intermediate & Advanced Classes are for ranks Green and above. Advanced classes are for ranks Red and Above, and All Rank classes are for any student of any rank.

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