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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Taekwondo just for kids?

While many of our students are children, we also train adults, teens, and families. Classes are designed to  allow similar age groups to train together and get the benefits of training with their peers.

How often should I train?

Many students train 2-3 days a week. Depending on your goals, you may train as often as you wish.

Are all martial arts similar?

No. Martial arts philosophy changes style to style, and even school to school. It is important for prospective students to talk to the instructors, take a few classes, and get a feel for the culture and focus of the schools they are interested in to make sure that they are a suitable fit for the student's goals. Any good school will allow a student time to study before they choose to enroll.

Can this be done with existing injuries or disabilities?

We have many students who are working around injuries or other limitations. Depending on the injury, your recovery status, and health, our programs may or may not be a good match. We recommend you talk to an instructor to address any concerns.

How long does it take to earn my black belt?

Depending on your fitness, learning, and attendance, it can take between 3-5 years to earn a black belt.

What can I expect / should do my first class?

During your first class, you should show up between 5-10 minutes early, and inform the staff so that you can get situated. If you do not yet have a uniform, wear something comfortable that you can move in. Gym cloths are suggested. We ask that you take off any jewelry that could get snagged or pulled on during training. Do your best during the class, and do not be afraid to ask staff if you have any questions or need a break. We want you to have fun and be challenged, not hurt or injured. After class, you may experience some soreness depending on your activity levels. Make sure to drink plenty of water and rest as needed.

What makes HWMA different than other studios?

Simply put, HWMA is a no nonsense studio with some of the best instructors and highest certifications available. We train skills cleanly and carefully without the hidden fees that a lot of studios will charge you. Equipment, uniform, classes, testing fees, these are all included in our monthly price. 

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