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Welcome Letter

As a community of experienced martial artists we understand there are many options when deciding to begin studying a martial art, what style to practice, and most importantly what school. Northern Virginia contains many great coaches and masters for you to choose from, so we are honored that you are considering HWMA to train.

Our goal is to bring out the best in our students through practicing martial arts. To teach that through hard work, goals can be accomplished, through determination progress can be made, with courage, fear can be overcome. Just as people grow throughout their lives, martial arts students grow throughout their training. It is a long path to black belt, and at HWMA we believe that rank progression is not solely based on physical ability, but students' mental progression as well. To bring out the best in both us and our students, it is a path we walk together.


To accomplish this goal we have developed a detailed and comprehensive curriculum that is designed to build and reinforce both mental and physical skills. Each rank of training has clear and attainable goals and a progression that builds towards the next. Every student will know exactly what they will be working on at their rank, as well as what is expected of them to attain the next rank, with highly trained instructors helping them along the way.


As you train with us we ask that you keep these thoughts in mind. That there is no finishing to martial arts, there is only continued improvement, for those of us who teach, it is a lifelong passion we hope to ignite in our students as well. There are no shortcuts to success in this pursuit. Hard work, dedication, and courage are the keys to success. Lastly that if you join us, you join a family of students that train hard, work hard, and do their best to grow and support each other. It’s a rare breed, and we are glad to have you with us.

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