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Hard Work Martial Arts Philosophy

We believe that martial arts is a lens through which we help focus and bring to the forefront, the best of what our students wish to become. We use physical skills to help develop strength of both body and mind. To teach self discipline, self control, and self worth.

Ultimately our goal is to teach skills that are applicable in every day life, both on and off the mats.

To prepare them physically, giving them skills capable of keeping themselves and those they care about safe. To prepare them mentally, to understand that determination and hard work afford them opportunities for success. To help develop determination so that they may succeed where others may quit. Lastly, to help develop the confidence to stand up, speak up, and do what needs to be done.

To this end, our all inclusive memberships are geared to make training with us as easy as possible. We do not want our students to worry about being unable to afford equipment, belt testing fees, or any other financial concerns that might interfere with their passion and training. Our curriculum itself is build on the the idea that less is more. We teach a few unique skills at every rank, and drill these in various forms until they are exceptional. Allowing students to truly master each technique before moving onto the next.

Core Values

HWMA core values are what we use to design our programs, govern our interactions with students and staff, and how we interact with our community. We believe that by following them, we can offer something truly unique and great to our students, and through them, bring these values to the world at large.

  • Be humble

  • Learn from mistakes

  • Honest relationships through communication

  • Personal accountability

  • Be passionate and determined

  • Do more with less

  • Success through hard work

  • Quality through simplicity

  • Courage to shape a better future

  • Community as family

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